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    How to get more clients

    I know that I am probably the one millionth person to ask this but how to I get more clients. I started 6 months ago and I only have a hand full of clients. I know that everyone is lookin but are there any specific tips ? My sitre URL is Is there anyhting that should be changed on it ? Also where can i advertise. I don't want to advertise in dead places. Does anyone know of good places to advertise ? Thanks.

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    I wanted to add that I am not cheap. I have high costs. However one thing I can say and I know that most people say this but I work real hard on customers service. As of now I am a one man show and I am there for my clients 24/7. I didnt put up a cheap server. I spent a lot of money on a good box (redundant power, raid/scsi hard drives etc.). Any suggestions ?
    Thanks again.

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    Ditch the hit counter

    Have some sort of welcome text, introduce them slowly

    Fix the SH15 account, they get only a fraction of the SH100 account for half the price.

    Sharpen up the images on the front page

    Sort out typos(finatical)

    Add something to the header.

    Other than that, nice choice of colours High quality hosting, low low prices.
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    -Dont have links in your menus to pages that are not complete ( see 'About Us' )
    -Hit counters are cool, but not for your homepage of a webhosting site. :-\
    -The images in the menu are difficult to read.
    -Lack of FAQ, Terms of Service, Sure your TOS can be found after clicking the signup button, but I want to know NOW what I can/cant do.
    - All the links on the bottom nav(home/aboutus/partners?/services/contactus) all point to the same page.

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    Your site (in my opinion) seems to be very in your face, the green seems to jump off the screen at me.

    My site's pants, so perhaps I'm not the best person to advise :-)

    Most of my customers have come from referrals / repeat business (additional sites etc...) and a few direct (cheeky !) emails to possible local business customers.

    I do put the occasional ad on WHT or some of the other boards, but unless your established or dirt cheap, then it seems as though no-one's interested :-(

    Try some local advertising (assuming your local area is not inhabited with web hosts !), this will be my next plan.

    I have some consultancy income which subsidises my server costs, but like you I'd like to see a bit more of my server utilised.

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    Work on making the images sharper

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    Have you considered social networking where you go to various business clubs, chamber of commerce mixers etc. as a way to grow your business?

    Thank you.
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    Do you want the short answer or the long one?

    Short answer:

    Long answer:
    a d v e r t i s e

    You may want to consider hosting directories, is also an iNet property, and is full of designers, looking all the time, for hosting.
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    I think you should work on your website first before dumping any money on advertising. I notice some of the pages have YourCompany Inc still on the footer, you should pay attention to detail. I am sure you are working very hard to provide a good service, but your presence/perception is most important. When someone visits your site, they are going to be interested in what you are offering , or they are going to be turned off by the site/navigation has to user friendly, you have give them as much information as possible. I would start jazzing it up with a logo, the color scheme of the website should be toned down.

    There is alot you can do before you advertise.
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    simply advertise

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    I'll repeat what others have said: Advertise. That means putting money into an ad campaign. You have to pay something to get your visitors, but it will work our profitably for you in the end.

    Regarding your site, there are a few things wrong here:
    -Mismatched logo (doesn't go with the flow)
    -A picture of an SGI machine you *clearly* don't have access to
    -"Would you like the Generic Happy People Plan or the Generic Happy People plan?" Similar to the last one: ditch the stock images
    -Almost no text on the site. Selling to customers isn't about flashy graphics, you've got to to *tell* them why they should purchase with you.
    -Odd flow of the page. Needs a clear ordering and layout.
    - I hope by shortly, you mean tonight.

    I seriously hope you didn't pay too much for that template...
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    I agree that you need to do some work on the website design first. If you have the original images and are saving them in photoshop you need to save the images with a higher quality. I usualy adjust the bar till I cannot see any artifacts then set it one higher.

    Once your website is finished and as polished as possible I think you will be in the best position to advertise for people. You don't wan't to pay good money to get these people to your site only to turn them away cause they don't feel comfortable buying hosting cause your graphics are fuzzy. I know hosting has nothing to do with the quality of the graphics of a site, but when a site looks sharp and simple it just seems like they are more proffessional.

    Best of luck.

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    You should check out this site, They have a ton of information on how to make the most of your site, SEO, marketing strategies etc. They have a forum there similar to WHT where people discuss different ideas on how to best market their site and find new customers.

    Good luck. I think your site looks good. It appears your site is pretty new since there is no "About Us" information. You need to let people know who you are and let them know you are a real person who is there for them if they need it.

    If you can generate the traffic to your site, I highly recommend some sort of live chat software that allows you to engage your potentianl customers with a chat. You wouldnt believe how much of a different the chat feature makes. Groopz, phplive, boldchat and liveperson are 4 chat softwares to look at.

    Good luck

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    Moved to a more approrpiate forum for a thread like this

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    Take good care of the clients you have always and again advertise. It takes time to get going.<-- Ask me about low cost dedicated servers

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