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    how are they doing this?

    very unique advertising engine. . Take a look at their forums and look at a post. Somehow they are indexing and putting actual links within messages that users post! Any idea what engine they are using for this, or is this custom?


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    do you mean like the advertisements?

    These seem to be served by .
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    Why not ask there instead of here? They probably actually know the answer.
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    I see what you mean and Ive been many other sites do it

    This one for ex. (notice the phone! my favorite):

    This is very easy to do with any scripting language.
    You simple parse the text and look for whatever you need to look (ie. Motorola, or Xbox in ur example or any other words you have advertisements for). Then you replace that word in the text with a little code that displays a popup box (simple JavaScript) and make it a link/underline it/etc.

    In PHP, you'd use preg_replace.

    To use in the forum, you'd need to edit showthread.php (or whatever they file is named in VB3) and enter that code where the post is generated/pulled from database.

    Im sure has a hack for that, if not, it's really quite easy to make
    Hope that helps

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