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    Outsourcing Projects

    I have a hosting business but I have no designer that I currently work with. When I approach many potential client they don't know anyhting about web sites. Most people want a package deal. A site and then a fee every month for the site. Where can i find some one that will work with me that can do all the desing for my clients. I pref. want some one in NJ so that my clients can sit down and meet the designer face to face. Any sugestions would be greatly appreaceated. Thanks.

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    you most likely won't find a web designer who will accept $10/month for a website - its usually an upfront fee. Some options you might pursue are:
    have upfront fee (setup charge) and then a recurrent fee
    pay the developer for the website and hope you dont end up with a loss

    for example, if a site costs you $500 to have designed, you charge $15/month for use of the site along with hosting so after a little less than 3 years the site will be completely paid for and all the money each month is pure profit.

    i don't really support monthly payments indefinately for a website because it isnt an ongoing thing (maintenance contracts are different matter. i have one with all of my clients). It's like paying a painter $10/month for the rest of your life (or however long you have your house) for painting a room. it just doesnt make sense. Monthly payments are best for recurring things like maintenance and hosting

    and as far as finding a good developer with which to work, you will need to do some experimenting. gather a collection of phone numbers, emails..and any other contact info of possible developers (you could post a topic here in the correct forum looking for people to do work for you) and then as a project is needed, get a quote from about 5. pick which one you want to work with and see how the project goes. if you like the experience, price and quality, use him again; if not, pick another one next time. it can take a long time to find a good developer to work with.
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    absolutely agree, nobody would create a website any close to professional looking one for a $15 monthly fee... But, try your best, maybe you'll be lucky and you find somebody, but definitely not in NJ, most likely in India or some other 3rd World country.

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