Hi all.

I purchased a dedicated server last month and have a load of space/bandwidth unused.

If anyone is interested in sharing the server with me, please PM me and I am sure we can sort out a price/package.

I am not a reseller but the dedicated server is fully managed (by the host is providing the server) and any installation of software/upgrades can be requested through myself and I shall get the stuff installed. The server is located at managed.com but the host I am with is a reseller and provides fully managed support and all installations and upgrades.

Here are the specs:-

Intel Celeron 2.4GHZ
512MB ram
80gig IDE HD
1000gigs bandwidth
100MBPS Port

The package comes with your own cpanel/Fantastico.

Initially, I am able to offer 20gigs space and 400gigs bandwidth. Just name a reasonable price and I shall take the best offer.

Cheers - Dav