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    Question Decent UK PHP/MySQL Hosting

    I'm after hosting with the following capabilities in the UK:

    PHP 4.3.x+
    MySQL 4.0+ (single database)
    Ability to run PHP scripts from user crontab
    min 5Gb/month transfer
    About 50Mb of storage for site
    About 50Mb of storage for database
    Decent reliability

    I've used valuehost, netweaver and wwwserver on and off but don't like any of them tbh - they are unprofessional and unreliable.

    Does such a company exist?

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    What price range are you looking at?

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    Anything really. I'm willing to pay a fair bit for something decent but not too much. 250UKP/year tops.

    I run a few IT / asset management apps and stuff for the NHS in the UK from them, so I'm being paid a lot :-)

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    You can try, but i am not sure if they offer
    shared hosting, in their website there is a link to another company called njssolutions but their prices seem somewhat highly.

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    Have a look at:

    If you use the search option at the top also, you'll find more info on both and probally several reviews from current/past customers

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    I hear unitedhosting are fairly good...
    Do you want the servers based in the UK, or the people who sell space for that server to be based in the UK?

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    UH are in the USA though, and having a time of it with the server move.

    For a few companies - with servers in the UK - that I use fine for the moment:

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    If with servers in the UK you are seeking - would be my choice.
    I hosted with them for a while (2 years, I think), and they were helpful and flexible. (I think they might not be very cheap..)

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    Webfusion are interesting. Especially as I live about a 10 min walk from their offices ... will investigate.

    Thanks all!

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