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    Security Article - To fellow Raq owners

    Hi all,

    Though I have no idea what this article says (I am not a techie) it does explain how several university computers were comprimised recently.

    Any Raq experts out there who have read it do please share with us what this means for Raq owners and how we might harden our current OSes against the techniques described above.

    In the article, reading about the Rootkit that attacks the OS's image memory was quite a relevation!

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    Sniffing of passwords in the university in environment is trivial. I find most universities to have very poor internal security. Libraries are notorious for having easy wireless or ethernet access based on DHCP. Only in the last couple of years have MAC identification methods been used.

    While I was at Yale, you could easily walk into a number of buildings and get onto the network, fireup ettercap and sniff passwords.

    Raqs suffer from a number of issues which most likely will not be resolved by sun. We have advised all our our clients that use raqs to migrate to other platforms.

    Unless you have had additional security put in place (and even if you have), you raq may be vulnerable to a number of exploits.

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