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    server4you current review (apr 04) please

    I know alot of posts are already on the forum about server4you but i noticed that many of these posts started last year, i would be very grateful if someone could give me a picture of server4you today.

    I heard they had over demand issues at launch, so i'm assuming everything is nice and stable by now.

    Also, would people recommend going with plesk 7 or ensim basic if i did go with server4you, i need the server mainly for use by myself to host several sites, however some virtual directory protection would be nice incase i decided to host for friends in the future.

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    no one have any current views ?

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    review on server4you

    I would like to see a review on server4you too. I am in the market and this is one of the companies I am checking out.

    Currently I am in the middle of a nightmare! So have to move my clients quickly.


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    same here.. i am setting up some game servers and wonder about pings..

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    Well I just set up a new server with Server4you last week. The time to get it set up was about 12 hours. Condidering I placed the order at about midnight I think that's reasonable.

    Pings are also reasonable hovering between 45 and 60ms.

    Now, the nightmare part.....

    The box came with 2 IP addresses with the promise that more could be added. Well, I went in and tried to add 4 more IPs for SSL sites. Only 1 went through, the others came back with an error. Dummy me tried 3 more times after that to add the new IP #'s. The next day, my credit card showed charges for all 7 attempts. I opened a ticket and complained about it and was told they would correct it as soon as possible.

    2 days later I still hadn't heard anything so I called billing. They said there was a new billing system being installed and they couldn't refund the charges until that was completed. OK, no problem I can understand that.

    At the same time I did request a reply on when I could expect the 3 additional IPs I need for SSL sites. Today I got a reply....

    "Unfortunately, at the given moment we have no free IP. Please, repeat your order in 1-2 weeks."

    ARGH!!! My current server goes down in 3 to 4 days and that means 3 web sites are going down without SSL at the same time. AND on top of that they evidently tried to request 3 more IPs from my user panel because there's three additional IP address charges on my credit card today.

    Personally, I wish I never went there.

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    thank you very very much.. I dont think were going with them anyway.. we did some ping test all over the us and canada.. from gamers on our network and they averaged 80 ms to 100 ms pings.. NOT good for not even being in a game..

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