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    7 Gaming templates for sale! :)

    Hey again, I have a few gaming layouts I'd like to shift. I'm not looking for any set amounts on these, just bid away, all of them CAN be changed, colours, name, pics etc. I need the money really fast as every client I've had recently hasn't paid yet, anyway, here's what you get:

    Full resale rights
    No PSD (I use fireworks - you may have that though (PNG))
    optional coding ($30 extra for basic, more if more advanced - java, php etc)
    Optional Hosting (contact me)
    As many revisions as you'd need.

    Now for the designs:

    I can also do a custom site design for you, if you'd like for that, please contact me using the following methods:

    MSN: [email protected]
    AIM: Russellmeak03
    Email: [email protected]

    Payments by paypal only please, as I said I need this money really quick, I need to pay someone off and all the clients I had before have run off with the design without paying.

    thank you!


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    server is down?

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    Yes, not bad although they're not 100% completed

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