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    Appraisal Help

    OK. Now this particular domain involves the following:

    The domain is
    It has a user base of 1922

    I'm not sure of the monthly traffic, but I know it's enough to generate a sizable revenue each month in advertising space. The site caters to the online gambling webmaster community, with many other users who regularly stop by seeking information.

    My question - does anyone have any idea on how to place a value on this site? What criteria would need to be looked at?

    What would be involved in placing a value on it? A friend owns this site, and I want to buy it, but have no idea on what to base my offer on. Any help, thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!

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    Get the traffic details from him to see what his Hits are per month and per year and how many are unique hits. I looked at the public forums and didn't see anyone post in a long time, is the site still active etc... I would say just from that site as is mid XXX with out any details on traffic

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