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    RH9 NTFS support ?

    Hello everyone.

    Currently have dualboot XP and redhat 9. Would like to use RH9 permanently but i cant live without my MP3s ! So...wondering if it is possible for RH9 to read into my NTFS Windows XP partition ? Like some other Linux OS that i can play my MP3s on my Redhat bootup also.

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    Yes, it's not compiled into the kernel with redhat for some odd reason. You'll need to either install the kernel source and make the module for it, or install an rpm for it.

    I can't get to sourceforge right now, but it's the first link in here I believe:

    Should be able to find a rpm for it there. Make sure it matches your kernel version!
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    Thanks david...ya the linux-ntfs site was down just now. I went to recompile kernel with NTFS read support... then i found out the sound player in Red Hat cant play mp3 ! Says copyright violation.

    Now i can read into the windows partition... but cannot play the MP3s
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    This should solve all your multimedia problems on RH.

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