I have developed a webservice which is on my development pc.
The VB.NET application which will call it is full of dimension statements like:

Dim pxy As localhost.GLCOG

pxy = New localhost.GLCOG()
pxy.IDValue = New localhost.ID()
pxy.IDValue.U = "Something"
ds = pxy.ReturnMYDATA

where GCLOG is the service

When I put the webservice on the webhost my localhost code will have to be changed.

What I would like to do is in another module
set a generic value so when I have the production application I will only have to change localhost in one place - not all over my code.

I tried all sorts of variations
like in a module

Module modServiceName
public myService = New localhost.GLCOG()
end Module

and then

Dim pxy As modServiceName.myService.GLCOG
pxy = New modServiceName.myService.GLCOG()

nothing worked?