Hello WHT Community:

My friend and I are interested in assisting a company with their Unix/Linux administration needs.

Our expertise follows:

Operating Systems: Extensive knowledge of FreeBSD4.x/5.x, Gentoo Linux, and Red Hat Linux (9 or ES)

Programming Languages: PHP4/5, Perl5.6/5.8

Basic Applications: MySQL, Apache, MRTG, Qmail, ProFTPd/PureFTPd

Commercial Applications: PerlBill, cPanel, Invision Power Board, phpBB2

We offer skills, professionalism, and friendly, helpful support.

Jessica can be reached via-
Email: [email protected]
AOL/AIM: StarzDead

I can be reached via-
Email: [email protected]
AOL/AIM: LnKnPark0204

We thank you for your consideration and time.