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    One Celeron 2.4 server available @ $79 per mo

    Dear all,

    I ordered -- on impulse -- a SuperCeleron 2.4 server from ServerMatrix when they had their free secondary 80 GB HDD deal. I now realize that the monthly charges are a little more than what I'm willing to spend. So I'm going to offer this server to the first person who wants it.

    Basically, the details of the server can be found at:

    The server is running Red Hat Enterprise 3 and has the additional 80GB HDD.

    At present this is how much I paid and am currently paying:

    $99 for set up

    $79 monthly charges + $20 for additional 512 MB Ram + $20 for cPanel/WHM (which makes it $119 a month).

    Of course, if you don't want all the additional stuff, you can always ask SM to remove them and pay a lower monthly fee.


    I'm only asking $49 to cover my set up charge and $30 to cover the rest of this month's recurring fees. You will then pay SM $119 or less, depending on whether or not you have the additional add-ons removed, from the 1st of the May.

    The server URL/IP is and the machine is ready to go.

    L. Yew

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    Interested. Please contact me on alexanderb [at] If my mail doesnt come trough.

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