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    Question Shoutcast (Advertising Scripting (PHP/TCL))

    Hi everybody,

    Im seeking/searching for some scripts.

    1) A TCL script to load on an Eggdrop (Linux) to adv my shoutcast server stats on IRC. Example (Now playing bla bla bla, bitrate, users connected) etc...

    2) A PHP script to load on my website to adv my shoutcast server
    stats on my website. Samething for the request #1.

    I see in my shoutcast administration that i can use a XML page.
    But i dont know how to use this XML page and take the informations on it for advertising on my website. Maybe im wrong with that XML... Dunno

    Well, if someone know the better way to grab my shoutcast stats and past them on a website, that will be very appreciated.

    Thank you !

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    I would recommend SAM2 -

    It is saving data in MYSQL database. Works great with Shoutcast, IceCast ...
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    shoutcast xml parser written in php:

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    Thank you very much guys !!

    Im still needing a "GOOD" TCL script. If someone know...

    Thx again, very helpfull !

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