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    What do you guys think of an advertising forum

    Hey guys,

    I was planning on opening a Advertising forum. Were only people come to advertise and check out other people advertisement stuff if they are interested..

    There will be like sections and places for each type of advertisement, i just wanted some feed back of what you guys think of this?

    Do you think its a good idea? Do u think it will be succesful? If you think so please say so.. Give me ideas.

    Also i would like to find a few parthners to help me out with this, ill do all the financial stuff (money stuff) ill buy everything just need some nice good friends/parthners who might be interested in opening an Adveritising Forum.

    Please give feed back if its a good idea.

  2. #2 is somewhat similar to what you mention

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    Ooo i didnt know that, thanks for telling me.

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