I am looking for host with following needs....

1) Win 2K or Win 2003
2) Shared SQL 2000
3) Upto 200 GB Data Transfer
4) Likely to have upto 200MB RAM Available for my site
5) All other goodies.....

I am not in HOSTING Business for reselling. I need for my own website use.

I am not sure I should go for Dedicated Server OR VPS. Currently I am host and they are about to kick me out due to hight bandwith and RAM use. I have 150 Concurrent user with about 3000 Unique visitor a Day

My Max budget is $150/Month.

Can somebody suggest me good VPS OR Dedicated Server provider for my needs.

With Dedicated server I am afraid of couple of expetise i do not have or limited...
1) Do not have much knowlege about how DNS works
2) Do not know much about how mail server works..and afraid of putting Mail server, SQL Server and Webserver on same Dedicated server
3) Not sure on how to confifure or Tweak IIS server for optimisation. I can do on my personal IIS server but it could cost me big time If I do trial and error on Production Server
4) Daily Monitoring and backup and all other Jazz...Why bother since it is not my business....

I am computer professional with good technical skill but never done real world hosting service...

Please make your recommendation. My biggest Hunt would be good VPS who does it all and fulfill my need

THanks in advance