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    Music & Template Software?


    I was wondering if anyone know of a opensource software that will do subscription. Like If they are not member they can only download the FREE section of the music or template. Like Kind of a FREE DOWNLOAD PAGE if they are NON MEMBER. But if they are members they can download all.

    Anyone know of any software that does this Commerical Or Opensource. I want to get one, If anyone know of any good one that does this Please let me know. Please list them for me, I will be GREATLY appreicated this.


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    Anyone out there?


    anyone out there who can point me to a good software? I need a subsription software system. please advise..

    thanks all

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    Either use search resources, or pay someone to do it. It is a fairly easy thing to program, so I'm sure you can find someone who will code what you need for a reasonable price.

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    No idea what you're asking. From what I gather, you want a section with free downloads, and a section you need a password for. Simple... password protect the directory you want members to have access to, keep the free stuff outside that directory.

    I don't really understand what this has to do with running a web hosting business though. This is more webdesign.
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    Not sure what your looking for, but if I understand correctly this correctly, take a look at phpshop, thats what boxed art uses...

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    I'd advice you to go to There're plenty of such opensource scripts in variety languages.

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    will oscommerce do the trick?


    will oscommerce do the trick?? PHPshop is not soo good. What i want is to let people download stuff, but if they become members they get to download the whole stuff..

    know what i mean??

    Say I got music..

    music 1

    4.mp3 members only
    5.mp3 members only
    6.mp3 members only

    Do you see now..

    if you are not members you can't download 4,5,6 . If you are just guest you can download 1,2,3

    do you follow me?

    what is a good program for this

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