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    Arrow Regarding 2CO & Merchant accounts..survey

    Just a few questions:

    Would you be weary to signup with a fairly new host that has their own merchant account for fear of entering your credit card details (On a SSL connection)?

    Would you avoid service altogether for that reason alone?

    Would you be more app to signup with a new host if they used a more trustworthy service such as 2Checkout or PaySystems?

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    From my personal experience its good to offer other options. I find it best with a merchant account. However offering other options at a start is not a bad idea. There have been a few hosts "cough" wont say name but do a search. That seemed to be doing credit card fraud.

    Offering many options works. Merchant account I would say is a must in the future.

    Best of luck,

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    We setup a merchant and do not use any third party merchants. So far its been great no problems so far. Your company looks more professional and it also screens out most kiddies when you get rid of 3rd party processor.
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    Thanks. I am actually look for more responses from users.

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    I wouldn't let it affect me either way. Though, I do find a certain level of comfort in knowing that a 3rd party handles the card numbers. This way you know that there isn't anything insecure going on.

    I think there are much more important aspects of a host to consider than how they process cards.

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    I agree. But I just wanted to get feedback to find out of others made the same decision.

    I figured it may affect people somewhat. I would always be weary of giving my card information to an unfamiliar company. But I don't think it would alter my decision of using them (As long as it's SSL, and doesn't appear 'suspicious'.

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