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    I know all of you wear suits maybe once or more in your life. Hopefully more

    Anyways, just wanted to know what brands you people wear.

    Personally my favorites that i have in my closet:

    Armani Collezioni
    Hugo Boss
    Geoffrey Beene
    Kenneth Cole

    I have a few other suits, but these are my designer ones that i love. I have a few others lying somewhere. Anyways, I have quite a few suits even though I usually do not wear much. I dont know why, I'm an impulsive buyer. Anyways also what are your favorite combinations of colors/styles.

    My personal favorite would have to be
    Black / Dark Blue

    Anyways feel free to share your thoughts

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    I like Geoffrey Been dress shirts. Have a couple of suits I bought from K&G. They look really nice but I don't think they're brand name (one of'em might be Claiborne). K&G has nice ones for couple hundred bucks and less.

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    Haven't got a designer suit... Just one from Next (a shop in the UK). It's Black and I normally wear a blue shirt and tie when I need to actually wear it, which isn't that often.

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    Mine was custom made in Moscow. I call the brand "Art Matters".
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    Is your company represented?

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    I shop at JCPenny.... 'nuf said

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