Welcome to Internet Business Startup Hosting
IBS Hosting is a subsidiary of the Pan Corporation. We sell small web hosting accounts to business startups. We provide the BEST services since we run our businesses on the EXACT SAME SERVER as yours. We are only selling the excess bandwidth and hard drive space from our main provider.

*Unlike other web hosts, we DO NOT oversell, otherwise, our own businesses on the servers will be negatively affected.

*We insist on maximum uptime. Any downtime will negatively affect your site AND ours as well.

*The recent surge of web host providers are forcing them out of business, forcing you to relocate your business. IBS Hosting is here to stay. Even if we only have one client, our servers will still be running since the core of our business is still on the server!

*At this price, we actually don't make a profit. Our business objective is to cover part of the cost of operating a server.

We offer the same services as our competitors... Free Cpanel, Unlimited FTP, Red Hat Ent. 3.0...etc..etc.

$1.00/ month for 1.5 gigs of bandwidth and 200 megs of space.

Since web hosting is not our main business operation, we have no technical support staff here. Advanced technical questions that cannot be answered by us will be forwarded to our main network provider ASAP, usually taking no more than a day or two for a reply.

Honest, reliable, affordable, IBS Hosting.

Please msg us on WHT before placing an order, since we don't want to oversell. First come, first serve basis. Questions? Email [email protected]