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    [SyncHosting] Revamped


    I've been using most of my time today making this new version of SyncHosting. I can't continu without some constructive critics and anything that can make me rethink about how it's done.

    If you could check it out and tell me what you think, don't say it's bad if you have nothing to support what you think.

    Thank you.

    (p.s.: website not completely done yet, missing header and missing some parts)
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    Well Let me start with something good before i go for the bad.
    I like your logo and this may be a good start for your header design. Be it in flash or in static.

    However, I think your words are too small. The layout is quite neat but just too small for my comfort.

    Also the features is not as important as news and upcomings. So i would think that left column should reserve for something of more significance.

    I would also think "about us" should come before shared hosting and reseller. Just my personal preference.

    Hope these might help

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    The left side menu could use a bit of left side padding.

    I find your slogan awkward. How about "In Tune to Your Needs". (I decided against "In Sync ..." as that had too many other connotations.)

    Overall, the site is too grey for me. I'd need to see some more, but right now it doesn't invoke much excitement.
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