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Thread: ID Theft on me

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    ID Theft on me

    Someone registered a ebay name and used my personal info today, then went and bought a couple things. So I have a guy calling wanting to know where his money is.

    Has anyone went through something like this? My plan is to go to the police tommorow and file a report. I emailed ebay but haven't got a response back yet. I know though that most of those companies wont send their logs to anywhere but law enforcement though. What process should I go through to try and trace this person and give them what they deserve?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Contacting your local Police Department is the best course of action. I'd also cancel those accounts and/or access new numbers. Contact your banks, etc. as well, anything affected by it.

    It's a nasty thing. Hopefully the situation gets cleared up with much haste. Best of luck.


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    I had someone get into my ebay account and fraudulently sell an item, and bid/win but not pay on 2 items... That sucked.

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    Couldnt you tell Ebay your an offical and try and SOCIAL the logs???????? (I dunno, fight fire with fire)

    The Dude -- Good Luck Mate

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