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    Terrible Experience at Global Servers.

    Another story of too good to be true. I saw a Global Servers ad on Slashdot that sounded like a really good deal. I was previously on a shared hosting provider (one world hosting) and liked the sound of a VPS provider. Their low end package was $15.00 a month for a VPS. I immediately had problems:
    1) I couldn't add new domains to my VPS. Tech support found out that "file system had been corrupted". They quickly fixed the problem.
    2) None of my email accounts were receiving email. Tech support restarted my SMTP server and all was good.
    3) bandwidth was very slow to my computer, it appeared to be a problem between them and comcast(my cable provider). A friend with road runner cable did not have bandwidth problems. And I did not have problems with other high bandwidth websites.

    The deal killer was not thinking of the consequences of not having a dedicated IP address, which is a feature you do not get with their basic package. The other day my system received a new IP address and just like that My web sites were unreachable my email stopped receiving, It all went to hell in a hand basket. I called tech support and at first did nothing. I called sales and they fixed the problem this time. In the future this could happen again. They blamed me for signing up for the plan without a dedicated IP. It just never occurred to me that anyone would consider selling plan where a website could be unreachable for a day or two while the new IP address propagates.

    I will say their tech support was very good

    So its off to Adiungo, VPScolo, JVDS or Dinix

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    what did you choose? how did it go? =)

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    Remember to look at ServInt, too, when you're hunting for a new vps provider

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    i'd use them in a flash if they had a UK offering

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