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    1and1 experience?

    After some comparisons I found 1and1 offers maybe the cheapest dedicated server plan (49 monthly).
    In this forum I found one very dissatisfied customer but I'm wondering if there are any other 1and1 users that can share some other past experiences?
    I don't quite care 99.9% uptime, as long as it's up 90% of the time I'll be satisfied.
    I'm looking for something with >100G transfer and has SSH root, and as cheap as possible.
    Appreciate any suggestions on alternative solutions too.

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    You get what you pay for.

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    so you think it's not good?
    actually I was using some shared plans (from powweb) but they kept shutting down my web for excessive CPU load.
    I'm only hosting a PHP/MySQL forum (phpBB to be exact).
    Cannot afford very high-end servers either.
    so any other alternative solutions for my situation?
    Thank you

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    Well, my experience was bad enough not to sign up with them at all. If you're OK with waiting for replies from support for 5 days and with none-sense answer, totally off-topic - then they're for you. I think you're really mistaken by just:

    "I found one very dissatisfied customer"

    If you use search for 1and1 bad or 1and1 terrible you'll see a LOT more then 1 person. Then search for 1and1 good or 1and1 great and you'll see pretty much 20 bad vs 1-2 good.

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    They have a very solid network and their phone support for minor issues is fair. I've never been on hold more then 6-8minutes. There's a few guys there that really know thier stuff (steve comes to mind)
    I left because their redhat/plesk install was the buggiest peice of crap i have EVER seen...they convinced me that I messed it up the first time and reformatted the server with my permission. 3 hours later it was back up with the EXACT same 2 problems. I spent the rest of that night troubleshooting it to find what was causing frontpage extensions to crash everytime. Later discovered that they were conflicting with cgi somehow. I called them up and notified them of the problem and the apparent work around for it. They assured me that their plesk guy would look into it.
    About a month later (still hahven't heard anything from them) plesk totally crashed but the sites on it were still up (yay!). I called them and explained the situation with plesk. They offered to refund my money for everything (i was under the 90 days).
    So...i leave 1and1 with mixed feelings. Hopefully their new servers arn't running the "pre-release" version of plesk that mine apeared to be running.

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    Well, I was on 1and1 for a month and had to move after expressing my dissatisfaction. Still, in all fairness concerning that 2-1 against, it takes one mildly dissatisfied to post while the satisfied ones think it's normal and don't say a word.

    Depends on what you want. If you're looking for cheap and fast, they're terrific. If you need any handholding, forget it. If you need some service, it depends.

    On luck, the phase of the moon, the tides over Labrador, or just how the wheel spins at Circus Circus in Vegas. Never seen an "iffier" thing. May get 4 rings, may get a recording stating "please call... (number)" and hang up when THAT is the number you're calling.

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    I've been with 1and1 for about 45 days. I never used plesk before so beyond that small learning curve i've had no issues as of yet so i have not accually delt with a person.

    I was with EV1 before i swtiched and Love their service. I would suggest them if you want to spend more for the security of knowing you'll get some support.

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