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    Smile Looking For Work In Any Field.

    Hi WHT Users And Business Owners:

    I was wondering if anyone out there has any jobs to be done that can earn me some $$ or a ongoing Salary My resume Is As Follows

    1998 Coowned GamersHeaven (hosting company)
    1999-2000 Owned Franchise Gaming (A Server Company)
    2001 Coowned CSG Gaming (Server And Hosting Company)
    2002 Sales Director For Nation Gaming
    2003 Help Desk Director For Gamehosts.
    2004 Manager for Fibernet Gaming Solutions

    As you can see Im experienced With hosting, and gaming related Problems, I also have Good Sales And Managing techniques and skills as i have done alot in my day.

    If you live close to Toronto Canada I would have no problem working in a Business location as a call center helper or anything else needed because so im very Diverse. Got a colocation and datacenter in toronto need someone Gimmie a call

    So if theres a job needed to be done Reach me on aim at gmrsheav If in Toronto reach me on aim to get my Cell. Willing to do any job that i can fit into

    Thanks For Your Time and hopefully age is not a problem as for i am 17 but am very diverse, experienced and willing to learn anything and everything

    Thanks Again for this huge thread

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