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    1 Page Design Needed Paypal Need ASAP

    Ok this is exactly what I need.

    I have an excell spread sheet that has basic formulas for relocating animal families for school. I want it some hwo published to the web. The formulas are in the sheet and only 2 values or entries can be added. So I dont think it is that complicated. Yes this is a paying job, #2 Please dont waste my time I have had a couple people in the last week message me with no portfolios, or telling me they can do something in essence they cant. I have had great success on here as well. I need the project done asap.


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    Do you have a php enabled server with 1 mysql database? If so, I can help you published it to the web. Me portfolio can be viewed here Most of them are web design project.

    If you take a look at this page,, the information I have should be similar to your excel spreadsheet and I've used the power of PHP and MYSQL to publish them into the web. PM me if you're interested.

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