Hi All, I have been playing with some graphics over the past few months and have the following I have done, I am no good at company layouts, but personal layouts, thats something I think I can sort of do. The layouts are as followed, I have no idea on what prices to start them at, or even if there worth anything lol so please make an honest bid/offer.

None are in layouts, I will say now, I will charge say $10? in order to have the layout coded, if rollovers are viable for the menus I will also sort out some roll overs, and if colours need to be changed, well then I guess I can do that also.
(All Images are 75% of original size)

Come With:
Exclusive Rights - If needed will delete them of my computer upon purchase?

Layout One:

Layout Two:

Layout Three:

Layout Four:

Layout Five:

Layout Six:

Layout Seven:


Logo One:

Logo Two:
[ClicK] (This comes in a much bigger size - about 4 times the size as well)

Logo Three:
[ClicK] (This is illustrator file and can be any size etc needed)

All Text can be changed, fonts can be changed, sizes can be changed (Logos, except Logo 1) Colours can be changed etc. And I can code into HTML, and do little php if needed - Coding will require a little more money on top though as mentioned above.

I am not looking at lots of $$, however I am also not looking for petty offers, I know one or two of these are actually worth a few bob, as I was offered some money for one but I didn't want to sell it - the guy got a layout of another Dude in here.

Thanks For Your Time



Please note: I have the right to withdraw any of the designs at any time UNLESS someone has placed a relative bid in which I need to send/code the layout for them.