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    Anyone Want to Split a Dual Xeon Server With Me?


    I am looking to order a Total Control 2800 server from in the next couple of days.

    Here are the specs..

    Server: Dual Xeon 2.8 GHz - Setup: $49.00 - Monthly Fee: $249.00
    Primary HDD: 80GB Hard Drive
    Secondary HDD: 80GB Hard Drive
    RAM: ECC Registered 2048 MB RAM
    Number of ips: 11 IP Addresses with FloodGuard
    Bandwidth: 2000 GB Bandwidth
    Uplink Port Speed: 100 Mbps Uplink
    Web Analytics: Urchin 300 profiles
    Database: MySQL
    Backup Service: None
    Operating System: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Version 3 (recommended)
    Server Management Plan: Gold
    Control Panel: cPanel/WHM with Fantastico - Monthly Fee: $25.00

    This server is managed by The Planet, and includes:

    * Ping Monitoring.
    * Network Based IDS.
    * 24/7/365 Onsite Hands and Eyes.
    * Orbit™ Online Support Portal
    * Host Based IDS.
    * O/S updates and patches.
    * Service Monitoring (FTP, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, Terminal Services, etc….) - [up to 6 services]
    * System Monitoring (Drive Space, Processor usage, Server Load, etc….) - [up to 6 services]
    * Process Monitoring (ColdFusion.exe, PGP.exe,, snort, etc….) - [up to 6 services]
    * On-Demand Vulnerability Assessments
    * Centralized System Event Monitoring (Login Failed, File accesses, Network connect attempts, etc)
    * Systems Administrative Service: 1 hour / month

    I am looking to either split this with 1-2 people as I really do not need anywhere near 2000 GB of transfer.

    1 person would be $137.50 / month for 1000 GB of bandwith and half the diskspace and you would get full root access.

    Or 2 people at $70.00 / month each, for 500 GB bandwidth and about 20 GB of diskspace each. Reseller account, no root access.

    Send me an email if you are interested, at [email protected], and we can talk about it.


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    Can we run gaming servers on the server? - Speedy OpenVPN & PPTP VPN Services

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    Not a good idea with cpanel on, and probably the webhosting he will have.

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    It fine with cpanel.. I ran many gaming servers before cpanel is fine with it. So is it a yes or no? - Speedy OpenVPN & PPTP VPN Services

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    cpanel on a dual xeon is fine for game servers
    Benoît Brookens III
    President - Dataracks, Inc. | Ultra-Reliable Hosting.™

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