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    Can we install thttpd together with apache?

    Hello , i hear alot of good thing about thttpd , but can we install thttpd in another port when apache still running in port 80 ?

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    I dont see why not.

    Check out the -p option via command line, or a simple change in the source could make it listen on a different port.

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    Yes. No problem - apache use 80 port while thttpd over port.

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    you can also run thttpd on another ip thats not used for sites and make apache not bind to it
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    a cool thing would be to make the kernel decide which one should give the content

    if static -> thttpd
    else -> apache

    hehe... i guess there're already some modules/hacks for kernel... but i don't do that on running kernels

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    Lem0nHead . what do you mean ? thttpd and apache in same port or difference port ?

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    i am planing to put all of my wma files to thttpd , but are there anyway to prevent hot link to my wma files under thttpd ? anybody here have used thttpd before ? and any comment about it ?
    Thank you

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    Originally posted by blackmoont
    Lem0nHead . what do you mean ? thttpd and apache in same port or difference port ?
    i think it's needed to be in different ports

    AFAIK, there would be a kernel module checking for HTTPd requests on port 80
    if it requests a static object (html, gif, jpg...), it's sent to thttpd, else it's sent to apache

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