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    Getting a dedicated server:

    Ok, I'm a little lost I guess. I used to host my own servers, and they were all Windows machines. As I grew, I wanted to offer more without spending tons on licensing. So I actually dumped all my stuff, and went out and got a reseller deal with another company. The company I currently am with has been great for the most part. A couple issues though: first, if they go down, I can't get hold of them. Nobody answers the phone before noontime EST, and I can't submit a ticket, because their stuff is on the same server mine is on.
    So, I'm looking at going dedicated with Serverbeach, and I notice they offer WHM and cpanel, which is great of course. But what I want to know, and they seemed foggy on, is if I go this route, will I have email clients with cpanel, or do I have to install those seperately? How about items like Fabtastico, phpbb, nuke, etc? Right now I have tons of features with cpanel, and don't want to lose those, and I guess just need to know what "out-of-the-box" features I can expect. Any thoughts?

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    Well the only thing cPanel is good for is 'bells & whistles'. So, yes, it has all those features, Horde, Neomail, etc.
    If it dosen't you can just SSH into the box and install via Layer1 i think.
    Fantastico(auto-installer for phpbb, IPB, etc) you have to pay for, unless you host offers it with cPanel. - Host on Cloudrck
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