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    Question IMAP problem - LINUX


    I have Red Hat linux 7.3 servers with Ensim Pro.

    I got the following message in Outlook several times every day and sometimes every minute (translated from Swedish):

    "Your IMAP server has closed the connection. This may happen if your connection has not been active for a long time."

    This is on all my servers. I hope there is a setting that solves this probem...

    I've tried to change the "time-out" setting in Outlook...


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    I suspect this is an inherent problem with Outlook, have you tried using a different IMAP client?

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    No I haven't but I've tried diffrent versions of Outlook, like XP and 2003, on diffrent computers.

    TOday I haven't got any "Your IMAP server has closed the connection..."...

    I need to have it to work with Outlook...


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    what IMAP server does Ensim Pro use?

    Ive been hacking around with dovecot over the last few days, mostly because of the mbox support and the mysql auth.
    The config files have options for "work arounds" for Outlook and OE issues.

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