I currently provide hosting for 200+ clients via my hosting company. Many of these clients are resellers and tend to require more support then others. At x1host, we try to focus most of our efforts on providing custuomers with the best service and support possible; since everyone can offer cheap hosting, but the support is what makes a service.

Many of our resellers have expressed an interest in handing over the support of thier individual clients to us since we have served them so well. I figured if my clients want this, then there must be many others in need of this as well. I know there are several services like this, but I believe with a dedicated group of people, we could help resellers and even small hosting companies, and even make a little on the side.

Candidate Requirements:
- At least 18 Years old (not that I don't believe those under 18 have the maturity nor the skills, just a requirement)
- English speaking (Important as you will be talking to clients and other employees)
- Good communication skills (Need to know how to deal with customers who can become irate, still be helpful, and not take things personally)
- Experience in web hosting support (More the better; Ensim, CPanel, Plesk, Windows)
- Linux/Windows server admin experience would be helpful
- Some sales experience would be helpful as well

Payment is negoitable and may be based on sales.

Please feel free to PM me, follow up in this thread, or email [email protected]