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    Server Setup Checklist

    Hello everybody.

    I want to put together a checklist for installing the RaQ 550 OS. I found this webpage and it looks like someone beat me to it. As there are no dates on that page I'd appreciate any Cobalt expert's opinions on that checklist.

    Is it still necessary to skip steps 43 and 44 of that checklist or have those patches been fixed?

    Here is the link:

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    I am VERY interested in doing a RaQ4 to OS 550 upgrade and have been trying to get to the link posted above (www-morrel-com/raq550checklist.htm) with no success. I have been googling for a bit to see if it is up elsewhere with no luck. Did ANYONE happen to save a copy of this they can E-Mail to me, or know if it is up elsewhere?

    Thanks and ANY help would be appreciated.

    Dennis C.

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