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    DNS: What would happen if I did this?

    If I went into my DNS nameserver settings for my domain and changed the nameservers to the following what would happen?
    myhost = the host that I'm on right now
    newhost = a mirror host I may set up that will say "We're sorry, the page is down currently" or something like that

    and in my nameservers (in this order):

    If what my friend says is true, then if myhost goes down, say a server is getting replaced or the network goes caput, the domain should automatically resolve to servers with my mirror page.

    If I'm right, then it won't do that.
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    If my understanding of DNS is right, your friend is wrong.

    As I understand it, someone wants to look at your site, they query one of your nameservers (in no particular order), your nameserver provides an address for a web server, if that server is down that someone will just get a 'page not found' error or something like that

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    I believe Cloudmaster is correct.

    Perhaps your friend is confusing nameserver records with MX records which can be given priority levels.

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    Yep cloud master is correct.

    For an example of this go to and do an A record lookup for your site. Watch which name server if picks, refresh a few times and you'll see at least one time it switch to use a different one.

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