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    Content Updating Software

    I run a web design & hosting business and I am currenlty upgrading my system. I'm looking at DirectAdmin probably with CE. The last piece of the puzzle is content management software. Many times I create a base site for customers and they want regular updates. usually simple stuff like adding dates for an event or changing some text, or they would like to keep a "news" page. I would like to find a package that will allow for them to do this. iUpdate has been suggested as well as running WebDAV. I don't want to give them as much control as WebDAV would since these are people who know nothing about hosting or design. Any suggestions or opinions on specific packages? Oh and my budget for this is low, prefer under $500.

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    I have a php script at home I can post for you that is about as simple as it gets. I just use it to update " news sections" Ill post it here when I get home.

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