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    whats up with tekadvantage?

    just out of personal curiousity i was checking out the site again and noticed it wasnt back up yet

    are we gonna see a merger here or???

    i tried searching for esr-tek (eric) but kept coming up with nada!
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    Good Question Lauren - I PM'd Eric the other day to see if he was ok, he read the message but hasn't replied... I hope everything is ok.
    Watch this space...

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    Nothing like seeing this a month late
    Sorry haven't been around much.

    I took site down to redesign it, but wasn't happy with it so I never published it. In mean time, and this what made it down for so long, I have spent the last month to month and a half dealing w/ the loss of a close family member. During this time I've had to do a lot of traveling from Florida, Chicago and Oregon.
    So the site became a very low priority, besides we where not accepting new clients at time and all aspects of support on site where available.

    Anyway working on site as we speak, just have to learn some mod_rewrite, so I can do what I want. I should've just hired someone to do it all in first place


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