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    Dedicated Game Servers

    Hi we at ABSOLUTEGAMING.NET are pleased to announce that we are done with our upgrades and guranteeing you the best service available.

    We host at top notch datacenters in
    New York
    [Soon: Atlanta]

    The current average box we hosts on are
    P4 2.8ghz 800fsb with HT
    1GIG PC3200 RAM

    Our prices are set at

    $4.00 public slot
    $3.00 private slot

    We will give with each game server
    1.) Game Server Control Panel
    2.) 200mb Webspace
    3.) 5 e-mails
    4.) Webspace Control Panel
    5.) Full Customer Support
    6.) Any plugin request for free
    7.) Dedicated IPs for Public Servers

    We are also a LISENCED ventrilo host.
    The current price is set at

    So please check us out at

    and for some new news: our future site that is in the works
    [ ]

    you can leave some info on what you think of the site ;-)

    Robin Alex
    [email protected]

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    Button Moon
    is there any plans to support join operations computer games upon its release? meant to be the next 'big multiplayer game'
    made by

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    yes we are going to be opening up with new games once the new site is done. I looked at the site i think it is only a demo at the moment.

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    These are prices that we can resell at?

    Are you planning on offering anything like Icon (I think its them) who allow you to book by the hour?

    Cheers, Mark.

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    I would like to talk to you on AIM, or MSN, if you would message me. You can see them in my profile. Thank you.

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    it is not in your profile

    i guess i will e-mail you.

    or you can contact me

    AIM: Adidasrta

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    We now host in Atlanta...thought i'd mention it ;-)

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    Atlanta finally up c/o dinix :-D

    Robin Alex
    At your service....

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