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    For Sale:

    domain name for sale, originally registered for a client with a line of clothing (tank tops, muscle shirts) but the business is largely defunct. domain is now for sale. will go to highest bidder if any, (goal is $200)

    If sufficient bids are not recieved, will go to a public auction, after building brand awareness. (I will be targeting specialty clothing manufacturers, as well as possibly collectors or historic theme webmasters- would be a great domain to feature military combat vehicles or collectibles.. and likely will subsequently post for sale on e-bay or afternic after doing a little marketing.. so here's your chance to do that, instead..) will sell to highest bidder if I see enough bids here.. (or PM me if you dont want to bid publicly) or to the first $200 offer....

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    If I didnt make it clear to begin with.. price may be negotiable.. if you feel my asking price is unrealistic...

    Im looking to recover costs invested in development of this domain...

    website never materialized, Im too busy with paid projects to develop this on my own time..

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