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    Post Small list of the latest spam I recieved. What did you get lately?

    This list of spam is about it, some of them were emailed two to three times in one day. I activated my filters, only 15 of them, but it seems to have cut the number of spam I use to recieve.

    Better Bustline Get Bigger Fuller Breasts. Naturally
    (I'm still a guy last I checked! )

    Bernadette Ho Online prescriptions for FDA approved medication
    (Screw the subject, just would like to know if Bernadette is truly a Ho! )

    The Blue Pill Improve your love life
    (Don't need any help in this area, wifey hasn't complained yet. )

    Great Offers No Spam, Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Pop Ups, Adware or Banners
    (I didn't waste my time opening this email since they spammed me! )

    Debtstruction Eliminate Your Debt
    (How do they know if I'm in debt or not? )

    Keisha Kline Term of your subscription N62-3-74 expires
    (I never subscribed to anything, why don't these people leave me alone! )
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    Better Bustline Get Bigger Fuller Breasts. Naturally
    (I'm still a guy last I checked! )
    LoL! That one cracked me up. Sapmmers these days *shakes head*

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    I got one that wanted me to buy viagra, then they hailed hitler in the end, heh

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    Get very few now with some new spam rules in effect. These are over the last several days. I used to get at least 100.


    Some casino (looks like a mass emailing, but is within the CAN-SPAM guidelines... so "legit" spam I suppose)

    Meet lonely wives online
    University Degree Online
    Bukkake porn... whatever that is.
    Diet Patch (I'm 6'0 and 160 pounds, I'm just fine thanks)
    Mortgage spam
    Brittney Spears nude
    Chicks with... erm.. yeah...
    Now available in regular and dehyphenated.
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    Something about beauty therapy .... maybe they're trying to tell me something
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    Why is it that I never get the breast or panty ones? I get the viagra and penis enlargement ones all the time. The only thing I could do with the viagra is feed it to my computer to get better uptime and I didn't have a penis the last time I checked.

    A friend of mine received a spam mail about receiving free pairs of panties, I asked him if he'd like to trade his panty ad for a viagra and penis enlargement ad. Heck, I told him I'd even throw in a free university degree. LOL

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    lol yes, they're very badly targetted.
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    Could You Use A Quick Payday Loan?
    2 Weeks To Enroll Before Tuition Prices Increase
    HealthCare Sector/Medical Technologies
    Lower Your Mortgage And Save For Your Family
    accede <-- W..T..F.. X_X
    Click Here For Free Smiley Faces For Your Email And IM * 2
    Mortgage Rates Are Down To 2.9%! * 2
    Do You Need Help With That Next Gift?
    Arrangement (14/13/2008) <-- 2008!?
    RE: Email And Fax Databases For Sale2 <-- _..
    Proven Technology, Start Your Own Part Time Business
    Lower Blood Pressure EIN <-- I like my BP. ^_^
    She Wants To Date You! <-- Who is she!? * 2
    Your Friends Don't Know You Can Get Viagra <-- Pretty sure I need no help.
    Copy DVD's, Playstation 2 And More!
    Sick And Tired Of Annoying Popup Ad's? <-- Not half as much as Spam.
    Pac-Man On CD-ROM
    you are the women <-- No, I'm not.
    Men, help for bedroom performance. dPXok66
    read it immediately
    You Better Get Moving
    Free Quote On Extended Warranty Coverage
    Add Expressions To Your E-Mail
    Drop 10 Every 12 Days!
    One Simple Idea Made The Difference
    Bypass The Dealers And Save Big On Your Auto Warranty
    Re: Fix
    Tired Of Losing The Lottery?
    DP First Timers
    Sick And Tired Of Annoying Popup Ads?
    migrate saturate downhill

    And it just goes on and on, this is a fragment of what I received today.

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    i like the click here to get 1-3 more inches to your .. well, im a girl so if i clicked like to 4 of those spams, i'd have a thingy that is 12 inches?

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    I never get spam. I don't use a filter.
    Don't look for a way out.

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    No spam yet in my Yahoo email account, created it a couple of months ago. I give it another month or two then the flood gates will open, thanks to good-ol Yahoo. Always trying to make a buck by forcing you to upgrade!

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