Affordable web hosting. Not cheap web hosting but affordable!
1 Hour Hosting Link

The word cheap says it all...
If your business or personal site is looking for reliablity, amazing toll free phone support as well as a company with a track record, try 1 hour

We've been hosting sites since 1996 and are not out for a quick buck. Here today gone tomorrow kinda thing.

12.95 per month gets you 200 MB of web space which is more than most people will ever use.
Most sites use 5 MB of space. It's not the size that matters, it's the quality!

Because we charge a little more, it means we provide top of the line networks, hardware and software including daily tape backups.

You pay a little more for quality with 1 hour hosting, however our clients know that a few more dollars to make sure their sites are up and running and their email is working is worth it. Heck you spend more daily at starbucks.

We hope your standards are as high as ours.