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    Ensim Pro For Windows - Addon Scripts

    We have produced a couple of Ensim Add On scripts that will be available shortly via our website.

    Script 1 - Bandwidth Calculator and Log Rotator $99

    This is an application that will display the amount of bandwidth used per site and per reseller. It will also rotate and either zip or delete your log files on a set criteria.

    Script 2 - Redudant DNS (Requires 2 or More Ensim Servers) $99

    This application will load all dns zones from a specified server into a secondary, tertiary etc. This will allow you to run multiple bind dns servers without having to worry immediately if one crashes

    Thanks and for more information email me

    [email protected]
    Robbie Wallis
    Sales Director

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    IIS Log Manager has now been released:

    Windows IIS only servers $69.99
    Ensim Pro For Windows $79.99

    For more info


    Robbie Wallis
    Sales Director

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