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    Is this offer ok???

    I have recieved an offer on of 315 EUR - should I take it or should I make a counter offer???

    What could this DN be worth?

    Have a nice day!



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    Well, for one, it has over 2.5 million results on Google. The initial is mostly ones owned by corporations and 6754 on overture search.

    315 is a good price, but see(risk) if you can negotiate a higher bid like 400, but if you need the money...I say sell it. Don't forget that Sedo gets 100 from it.

    On Sedo, I usually place a high price on the domain, plus an opening for them to make an offer...which gives potential customer flexibility, but they can also see your expectation for the domain.

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    It all depends on what you see as a fair price. Don't let it go if you don't feel you are getting what its worth.
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    thanks for your feedback...

    Well I made an counteroffer and they replied with a gigantic leap in their offer - I am starting to feel gready

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    I really do like that domain and think you could get quite some bucks more than 315 .... itīs 3 letter and itīs the abbrev. of screen...

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    Dunno the value of Euros right now but over 300 of 'em seems pretty nice Go for it-if you're willing to sell for the price.

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