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    [UK] Dell Poweredge 1750 (dual 2.8ghz Xeon), 50gb transfer, Redbus London

    We will be buying some more kit from Dell today so if anyone would like to snap up the following offer in an hour or two either reply or mail [email protected]

    Server spec:

    Dell PowerEdge 1750
    Dual Xeon 2.8Ghz Processors
    1GB DDR Memory
    36GB SCSI hard drive
    Dual Gigabit network card

    Running the Linux/BSD distribution and software of your choice

    This would be a brand new server backed by a Dell warranty/maintenance plan. The sever would be connected to our private network @ 1Gbit for network backups/intra-server traffic as required. Through our provider, we have a 100mbit connection to XchangePoint, peering with top class carriers including NTL, Telewest, Pipex, Nildram and Clara and dedicated 100mbit feeds to Level(3), Tiscali, Enta and Woaf. The latter two are peered extensively within the UK, including full LINX membership.

    Network routing is controlled by a Cisco 7200 Series NPE-G1 with 1GB RAM, capable of routing up to 1 million packets per second and which generally has a load of around 3-5%. Hot spare Cisco routers are also present on the network.


    - 1u rackspace in Redbus Sovereign House, London.
    - Dedicated Dell PowerEdge 1750 Dual Xeon server
    - 50GB bandwidth per month
    - Remote reboot port for instant reboots should the server ever lock up
    - Service monitoring with SMS alerts to notify you of any downtime
    - Monthly security audits to notify you of any potential security holes in the server’s configuration
    - Unlimited IP addresses (subject to RIPE regulations) with reverse DNS entries
    - Managed secondary DNS, secondary MX as required
    - 2GB networked backup space over 1Gbit
    - Bandwidth graphs
    - 99.9% network uptime guarantee

    £220 per month, £100 setup (based on a nine month contract; £230 per month for a six month contract)


    - Additional bandwidth charged @ £1.50/GB
    - 70GB SCSI disk in lieu of 36GB - £10 per month (must be specified at time of order)
    - Network backups – 10GB space for £10 per month
    - Cisco PIX firewall protection - £25 per month
    - Managed security updates ensure your system stays current with patches - £75/month

    For higher bandwidth requirements please contact me for pricing.

    Test ip:

    To take advantage of this special price I will need to know within the next few hours. We expect the server to be able to go live within 2 weeks (we’ll need confirmation of availability from Dell).

    I should mention that while we currently do not charge vat, we will be doing so within a month or two.

    If you would like any other information feel free to contact me ([email protected]).
    Our website will be launched shortly @

    Kris McConkey
    Senior Partner
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