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    please help

    Ok ive been thinking about starting a webhosting service. Not a free one, but one at a good price. Maybe some free products....But see i dont know a whole lot about webhosting, i know the basics........ But this is something i really want to do, i have a lot of time to spare and i KNOW that i could make a great hosting service. I just need to know how it all works, can someone give me direct links to places that have alot pages i can look off of?

    Im 14, and im in a lot a computer classes at school, everyone says they know i can do this, but i need some of your help.

    Where can i get a server? Can i get a good server for about $300? And do you get to put the server in your house or does someone keep and run it for you? How much space should i have on a server?

    I have windows XP is there a problem with this?

    Is it ok to use one computer, so webhosting and for other uses?

    I know someone who used some of IPB (invisionpowerboard) for there webhosting company, he downloaded it. How do i get this is it free?

    How lond do you think it would take for me to learn all of this?

    How long would it take to create all of this?

    What programs do i need? Adobe,........

    It is legal for me to do this at 14 right?

    I know this sound kinda strange for my age but i know i can do this! Im very dedicated....

    Extra info please!!

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    i think you need to surf around this forum, there is a lot of guide and information you can get and the most powerful tool you can use just from

    Good Luck!

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    You do not have to put a server in your house, someone can
    take care of it. You can get a very good server for 300$/mo,
    and you can get a starter server for you 70-80$/month.

    I do not think its ok to use your own personal computer
    for hosting business.

    You can learn in a few weeks but its not the matter of time,
    its the matter of experience.

    Most of the dedicated servers come with additional panel
    software, so you do not need much programs installed
    on your side to control the server.

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    how do i write the program? And do you know of any good server places?

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    Sorry i forgot to add this:

    Ok im 14 and i wont be able to have a job till im 15 you know? So should i start writing the program now, and wait till im 15 (and gettting paid) to get the server? What do i need to write a program? Where can i get it? How long will it take? Cost?

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    Which program is this you are talking about writing?

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    Your best bet is to start off with a reseller program with another host , this will get you started without incurring any of the large start costs involved such as buying your own server etc , build up slowly and when you have enough customers then purchase your own dedicated server.

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    So should i start writing the program now, and wait till im 15 (and gettting paid) to get the server?
    Usually, as you had been already told you have no need to write any program to manage the server as dedicated server provider (who will offer you the dedicated server) will provide it for free with the server.

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    Ok im going to strat out as a reseller from IPB....then gain up my money and switch to a dedicated server......Ill start next week, thanks guys!

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    I'd suggest you stay as a reseller for quite a while so you can get experience - the more the better! You'll need lots of customers to make it profitable to get your own server, so concentrate on getting customers first.

    Good Luck!

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    could someon tell me how to write a program....??? I would like to be like

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    "Tell you how to write a program?" It's not that simple really, it takes more then a few responses on the forums to learn how to become an effective programer.

    Anyway, I'd suggest you do some research first on various hosts and look for a reseller account that can provide you with both a great price, and a service to meet your needs.

    You are 14, and seem mature enough to at least start your site up, and begin learning how to become a "good host," but remember that no one can hold your hand through this, and you'll need to work a lot of long hours and put a ton of effort into this if you plan to be successful.

    Brendan Diaz

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    Try hooking up 1 or 2 friends(maybe the'll chip in for the server/account), get a reseller account, do some research on server administration(it's not hard as it seems, just very time/nerve consuming) and get some other friends to host their personal webpages with you. In a year or so you'll have a pretty good client base.

    And remeber, if you make up your mind and decide you don't like the hosting industry, you can always sell the "company" for a reasonable price
    Lorand R. Minyo
    Co-Founder @ Neveli

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