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    What do the letters stand for?

    How to interpret these data form the Apache Status:
    CPU Usage: u33.16 s4.74 cu117.74 cs11.68 - .0346% CPU load

    Thank you
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    From man pages:
    The tms_utime member is the CPU time used while executing
    instructions in the user space of the calling process.

    The tms_stime member is the CPU time used by the system on
    behalf of the calling process.

    The tms_cutime member is the sum of the tms_utime and the
    tms_cutime of the child processes.

    The tms_cstime member is the sum of the tms_stime and the
    tms_cstime of the child processes.
    so to translate:
    u = user time spent (CPU in user state), in ticks
    s = system time spent (CPU in system state), in ticks
    cu = user time of child processes spent,in ticks
    cs = system time of child processes spent, in ticks

    And CPU load is what percentage of the time this process used overall. In your case, a fraction of a percent.

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