Good Evening,

Having just successfully completed an aquisition of another community, we see the value and are looking at ramping up our company through community based ventures.

Here is what we are looking for...

- Established forums
- Minimum 100 members
- Minimum 1000 posts
- Strong growth
- Marketable (no porn, warez, mp3, etc...)
- Prefer Tech related sites but will look at all submissions
- If possible, stats, ad revenue, etc...
- Asking price within reason
- Branded preferrably with domain name
- Non .us only (We are a Canadian based company)
- Must be willing to sign NDA and all relevant contracts
- Must be LEGAL age to enter into a binding contract

If you think you have something that may fit our bill, please send us an e-mail to [email protected]

Thanks in advance, only those communites of interest to us will recieve a response from us.

Please allow 2-48 hours for a response due to the volume of mail we receive.