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    (Redhat 9) Adduser help


    I'm running Redhat 9 with WHM\CPanel. I need to give a friend su shell access to install a few web site scripts. How do I add him?

    adduser example please. And rmuser example on how to remove him after he installed all the scripts.



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    login and then su to root, then adduser usernamehere, then passwd usernamehere, it will then prompt you for the password you want for him.

    as giving him su access you can edit /etc/group and add him to the "wheel" group or go into WHM and goto wheel group users and add him. once done you can do userdel usernamehere to remove the user from the system.

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    useradd username -p password

    userdel -r username
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    to get all the options, do a 'man adduser'

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