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    Unhappy Help me Registerfly Advanced DNS Problems

    I have 9 domains with these guys
    under advanced dns settings isee

    www A
    @ A
    * A

    on some


    mail CNAME
    pop CNAME
    smtp CNAME
    mobile CNAME
    @ MX

    and some
    i gotnothing

    i never put those values there!

    what all these advanced dns settings mean can you guys help me out and why did iuse thse cname settings and ips

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    1 - The A(address) records are default ip address for probably a parking page(most registrars do this enom, godaddy , fly)

    2 - You probably selected create free email account. The mail settings are required for free email to work. If you wish to remove it just delete the settings you wish to remove and save, it is very easy to do.
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    yeah those for the free email service.

    just disable them

    the the first IPs are the parking IPs so they can make money from your visitors until you really use the names
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    Were these pushed domian names into your account? Or were they just bought? I would just delete all the entry's and add your own NS's etc.. unless you are using their URL forwarding feature.

    Best of luck

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