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    Text Links and Banner ads on PR6 sites !


    WE are now offering text links and banner ads on many of our PR6 sites both sitewide linking and just home page linking. Prices are as follows :

    1. Text links : $12/month ( only homepage )
    Contact us for the sitewide linking pricing.
    2. Banner ads : sitewide - $60/month ( 468 x 60 )

    Site wide text linking will be $50/month

    For all your further enquiries and any interested advertisers can Can contact us here !


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    Can you tell me on which sites, and exactly where would the text links be located?

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    san juan capistrano, ca,
    also - do you have aim or something I could talk over to you on?

    CEO Pixabit, Inc.

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    How many sites, what are they, where will the link be, is there any "minimum payment" crap?
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    aim : netallrounder

    If anyone is interested to trade their vbulletin owned license in exchange for text links, do contact me with the above link.

    Regarding the sites, write me to me, so that i will reply back with details. Those who have already written to me must have recieved a reply with all the details.

    You can opt to pay monthly !

    Thanking you
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