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    I have decided to part with my beloved domain, I had attempted to turn it into a forum, but do to lack of involvement (by both members and myself ), I have decided to sell it. I consider an excellent domain because of its excellent brandability, easy pronunciation, and uniqueness. It could easily become the next Yahoo or Yaxay with the right owner and content.

    Because of the potential that surrounds this specific domain, I am looking for a figure close to $200. The domain is registered at NameCheap and can be easily transferred.

    All those interested can reply to this post, PM me, e-mail me, or contact me via AIM (digitaldoodler27).

    Thanks a lot!
    -- DigitalDoodler

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    $200 your rock bottom price?

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    Yes, $200 is the lowest I'll go. But I also know that the domain is worth a lot more, so I expect more than that. Feel free to contact me with questions. I'm digitaldoodler on AIM.

    Thanks for the interest!
    -- DigitalDoodler

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    I am interested.
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    Sold to jimhoyd. Thanks for the smooth transaction! Also, thanks to all of you who were interested!
    -- DigitalDoodler

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